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Breakfast Menu

bread choices white wheat rye seedless rye marble hard roll bagel perrecca's italian also available $1.00 extra french roll multigrain gf bread rockland cin. raisin bread. why settle for  fast, frozen, pre-made breakfast sandwich when you can have a hot, delicious, made-to-order breakfast from gershon's deli? call ahead to have your order waiting for you. guaranteed to start your day off right! a capital region tradition for over 60 years! gershon's deli is a real, honest-to-goodness, delicatessen with a complete line of domestic and imported foodstuffs. 1600 union street schenectady, ny 12306 518-393-0617 order online now accepting online payment.

our specialties challah french toast $5.50 nova lox on your choice of bagel with cream cheese $9.25 2 eggs served with your choice of toast and meat $5.00. omlettes 3 egg omlette w/ cheese, your choice of toast and 2 add-ins $6.50 nova lox omlette $8.50. cheese choices: american, provolone, swiss, mozzerella, munster, cheddar, gouda. add-ins: tomato, green pepper, roasted red, onion, bacon, ham, sausage, pastrami. egg sandwiches served on hard roll unless specified your choice of scrambled or fried egg. egg and cheese $4.00 bacon, egg and cheese $4.50 sausage, egg and cheese $4.50 ham, egg and cheese $4.50 pastrami, egg and cheese $4.50. the gershon hot pastrami, swiss cheese, egg, sauteed onion, and potato pancake on a hard roll $6.00. from the bakery rockland biscotti $3.00 apple and cheese strudel $4.50 cornbread $.75 crumbcake $2.75 challah bread pudding $3.50  on the lighter side cottage cheese $1.75 fresh fruit salad $3.40 cottage cheese and fruit plate $7.00 potato pancake served w/ applesauce or sour cream $1.50